Mark Butler

Mark Butler

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Username * Necron-99
Country * USA
City Burbank




I've had a pencil in my hand as far back as I can remember. I love comics and cartoons, and after years of working in advertising in the midwest, I came to Los Angeles to follow these more noble pursuits. I work as an animation producer at the best production house in Burbank... We primarily work on promos and stunts for Disney, but we are developing original, long format projects, too.

I spend most of my time in Maya, but I came up on Lightwave, and use it regularly, especially 64bit version because it's so damn fast. I made the switch to Combustion this year (thanks Nick and Jason), but I still can't uninstall After Effects. Sometimes, you have to dance with the one who brung ya. Still chipping away at ZBrush, too... gonna nail it down tight this year.

Thanks for taking a look at my stuff. Drop a note, and let me know what you think!